Our Services

New Concrete & Concrete Restoration

  • New Slab on Grade, Walkways, Drives and Curbs

  • Elevated Slab Repair

  • Overhead Slab and Beam Repair

  • Vertical Column and Wall Repair

  • Epoxy / Urethane Injection Crack Repair

  • Post Tension Slab Repair

JADCO Construction Services
JADCO Construction Services
Traffic Bearing Waterproofing / Hot & Cold Applied Waterproofing

  • Traffic Bearing Waterproofing Membrane

  • Clear Silane Sealers

  • Hot Applied Waterproofing

  • Cold Applied Waterproofing

ODOT Sealers

  • Epoxy Urethane Sealers

  • Non-Epoxy Sealer

  • Gravity Fed Resin

  • HMWM Resin

JADCO Construction Services